Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
Laminated Veneer Lumber is made of multiple layers wood veneer bonded together.
The multi-layer structure and the adhesive used in the manufacturing process, LVL in result is more stable than solid wood and other engineered wood products and much more resistant to rot, termite infestation and mould, problems that are common with other products like wood or engineered wood containing solid wood in its structure.

Thanks to its outstanding strength and stability, LVL is perfect option for load bearing and many applications in construction and in furniture and joinery industry.
LVL is perfect for applications where resistance to water is a key requirementand.
Our LVL can be produced in thicknesses ranging from 9mm up to 50mm and in panel sizes up to 1220*2440mm. For larger pieces, finger jointing works perfectly.
LVL perfectly receives wood veneer, foils and painting. The surface of grade LVL is calibrated and pre-sanded ready for the final finish.
LVL is light weight material which contributes to better efficiency and long life of cabinet hinges.
Unlike Particleboards (MDF and Chipboard), LVL can receive screws and nails over and over without an issue.

More Stable Than Solid Wood & Other Engineered Wood Products LVL
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Furniture & Joinery Industry, Grade A LVL is Perfect For:

Door frames and architraves:

In comparison to solid wood in non-fire doors, LVL works outperforms solid wood in all aspects such as swelling rate, stability, straightness, resistance to water, termite and all wood insects and worms. LVL can easily be wrapped in various decorative material such as, laminate veneer, natural or reconstituted veneer, CPL….etc to give the final desired look. Not only is the end result better, it is more cost-effective too.
A major advantage in wrapped frames is the possibility to have consistency and perfect matching in color and finish of door shutters with their frames and architraves.

Kitchen and vanity shutters or carcasses:

Thanks to its resistance to water and to its almost NIL swelling rate, LVL makes perfect core for shutters and carcasses in wooden kitchen cabinets and vanities.


When shelves are thick and the support spanning is big, LVL becomes an ideal choice to carry loads put on the shelf such as books or other objects without bending.

Slats and Trusses:

LVL is idea product to maintain straightness and perform under weights or stress.

Stair Steps:

LVL can handle weight better than many other products which makes it safe and suitable choice for steps.

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